Hey ¡!!
Hey! ¡!
What ´s up?
Yeah cool and you?
…fine . What are you up to ?
I´m at an exhibition in Temporare Kunsthalle?
Aaaaaaaa is that the exhibition with different artists who are doing pieces with sound?
Yes thats the one.
And? Is it any good?

I don´t know, I just came in.
The place is really nice though.
Yes I like this concept of “ Temporary spaces” You know. Movement in Art.
You´re right … the arquitect is quite surprising for a project like this!!!
By the way …..I called you yesterday !! Where have you been?
I´m in Barcelona ! Didn´t I tell you?
+++++Yes. I thought you were going next week though .
No no ….. I´m here now I´ve been here for a week already.
..Wow …. You´re running away for winter !!!
That ´s a good Idea !!!

Yes , ..I´m a little tired o f Berlin and the art wold. I feel everything´s really confusing . The city is getting really tourist-shit and I miss the Berlin from ten years back !!
You´re right, tourists they only take , they don´t give anything

I think everything is getting too established!! artists are working with perception !!! ..and even the city lost it´s image….

… we should all move to another city ……… ( jjj)

Yes , but where ? Budapest ? Istanbul ?

Yes its only a question of time !!!

Yes but do you have time for it ? we are not 20 yeahs old anymore

..ok ok … stop you are depressing me !!!!!!

No really !!! Just look around !!! Do you see anyone feeling anything ? look at their eyes !! what are they getting out of it ???

…ok .. imagine you are an artist and you are listening to a conversation like this one !! You think they care ? What people feel !! It´s all business and egocentricity !!!! Fuck this is a world where only a few make it succeed .
The rest are losers !! or are just surviving !! You walk on the line or you don´t. fullstop !!!

Ok …then we just move like Philippe Petit !!!!

Lisen Im already inside and I´m gonna lisen to the first piece ……..
….Shit….. someone is calling me on the other line
Can I call you back ?

Perfect ciaoooo